The First Bridge.

This is not my first experience working for UC Berkeley’s Summerbridge program – and depending on how things shake out next year, it may not be my last, either.But before I get into that, let me give a little background on exactly what Bridge entails –

Summerbridge is a program at Cal designed to assist several hundred incoming freshmen before each fall to the expectations of academia. Some are voluntary. Some are assigned to the program as a condition of admission. Some are athletes, who simply need to be there for summer practice. As you can imagine, it draws together a wide, diverse range of students and experiences, all of whom are rushed through two college level courses over six weeks. Oh, and if that’s not enough already, they have to juggle the emotions of moving away from home early,┬áthe crippling fear that a school like Cal inspires, and all the other standard pressures of college life as well – relationships and all that.

Just typing that makes me exhausted.

You can only imagine how they feel.

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