On: Jason Collins

It is rare, but there are things in life that supersede even the oldest and most passionate of college rivalries.

Jason Collins’ coming out announcement is one of them – and Stanford degree be damned, he deserves the respect and applause of every Golden Bear for it, new and old. He certainly has mine.

I’ve written in the past about gay athletes in sports, but in writing those columns, I always expected that the thing we were all waiting for – an actually open, active player – was still another few years away, that the atmosphere was surely changing, but not yet where it needed to be. Continue reading


Taking A Look at the Niners 2013 Draft Class

Nearly everybody is praising the 49ers’ draft this year. No, seriously, nearly everybody – check the winners and losers columns over the next week if you don’t believe me. That praise comes with good reason – having too many picks for too few open roster slots, they entered this weekend needing a few pieces, more than players, and seem to have gotten them.

I say pieces, because the roster is pretty damn good as constructed and is close to championship quality as it is – unless you’re the Tennessee Titans, it’s hard to get much closer than we did last year, just five yards short of a Lombardi Trophy. Continue reading