22 for 22 – A Ranking of The Movies I Saw in 2013

I saw 22 movies in theaters this year, which somehow matched up with my age, so this is 22 for 22, a power rankings list of what I saw, how much I liked them, and to some degree, a comparison of their respective qualities.
Tier One – The Year’s Finest:
1. Her
2. Wolf Of Wall Street
3. American Hustle
4. Gravity
5. Monsters University

Tier Two – Certified Good Times:
6. Pacific Rim
7. This Is The End
8. Fast And The Furious 6
9. Anchorman 2

Tier Three – Popcorn-Worthy Entertainment:
10. Man of Steel
11. Thor: The Dark World
12. Iron Man 3

Tier Four – Special In My Heart, Maybe Not Yours:
13. 21 and Over

Tier Five – Meh:
14. Elysium
15. Warm Bodies
16. The Internship
17. Star Trek Into Darkness
18. Old Boy

Tier Six – Save Your Time:
19. Ender’s Game
20. Gangster Squad
21. The Grandmaster
22. Spring Breakers

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