On the offhand chance that any school I sent this to actually read it, please understand that this post is intended to be fun, and nothing else. I would hope that the applications I sent you stand on their own merit and that this does nothing to affect how you perceive them.


  • Height: 5’5″
  • Weight: 145
  • Age: 22
  • Hometown: San Francisco, California
  • Twitter: @AGuyNamedNam
  • Rating: 4* (5.9)

The Rundown

  • GPA: 3.82 (3.81 in major)
  • 40 time: Don’t ask
  • Bench: are for sitting on
  • GRE: 160 Verbal, 155 Quantitative, 5.0 Writing; CSET & CBEST certified
  • Shuttle: Only to the airport
  • Vertical: Slight fear of heights
  • Major: B.A. in English; Minors: Education, Asian American Studies
  • Class: 2013 (Graduate)

Interests (In no particular order)

  • High: UC Berkeley (Multicultural Urban Secondary English program), UCLA (Teacher Education Program; single subject English credential), Stanford (Teacher Education Program; single subject English credential), Harvard (Teacher Education Program)
  • Medium: UC Davis, University of Pacific, Mills College


  • Stanford, UC Berkeley, Harvard University


  • Projects well as a future high school English teacher…tape shows enthusiastic, passionate, knowledgeable, dedicated & socially conscious prospect…very experienced in the classroom & with students of all ability levels/backgrounds…three years as a Workshop Leader in UC Berkeley’s Summer Bridge program…three years as a Writing Tutor at the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center…three years working with students at Oakland’s Brainchild Education Center…several semesters worth of volunteer experience as an Undergraduate Liason for Professor Richard Sterling and observing at other schools…named a Senior Writing Tutor at the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center in 2012-2013…is very familiar with planning curriculum, both individually and collaboratively…utilizes constantly evolving approaches to teaching…planned activities often tap into multiple levels of understanding & intelligence…demonstrates thorough understanding & execution of both Frerian & Deweyan pedagogies…has unique, currently untapped research interest in the interaction in literacy & technology…introspective & intensely dedicated to improving craft…at 22, has already passed both Subject and Basic certifications to be an educator in CA…graduated with Distinction in General Scholarship from UC Berkeley


  • Can sometimes be interpreted as awkward & intense, despite well intentions…cares too much to a fault; often lets a bad lesson linger on mood at home…has hard time saying no to students in need…although very experienced, can still be oddly insecure & nervous at times…needs to develop more consistency…sometimes tends to linger too long on explanations…though talented and promising, still needs further refinement in knowledge, approach & technique, as well as on expanding current repertoire & skill set…could benefit greatly from a focused & challenging graduate program in Education.

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