#The52Project (3): “Write a love poem in slam format.”


believe me when I tell you that


I have never loved you.

how could I have, when all this time
you’ve been nothing but an eraser in my brain,
scrubbing and swiping bit by bit,
so when I look up l-o-v-e in my mental dictionary, the definition just reads a dulled out, hazy

since You, love is just
the foulest curse to ever live upon lips,
an eternal danger,
stretching the heart’s strings until they


I have never loved You.
please, don’t ask.

how could I have, when what I feel for You,
can’t be found pink packaged and ready for sale,
sold out of commercial storeshelves and offline from sappy, streamable inter-Netflicks,

simply put, it’s something


see, You?
You move me,
filling the crevices of my soul
like music;
the perfect partner for this world, as we both wander through it,
with You,
life becomes
fresh again in all electrifying newness
everything in harmony, free from ugly and confusion

pursue a soothing happiness?
You have always been its blueprint

and all of this,
the meaning,
still elusive,

I can’t say I ever loved You

that word is just too useless.


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