#The52Project (10) – “Write about Earth being God’s science fair project, and the results of it being judged.”

Mr. Goddius,

This panel feels that there is incredible promise in your work, which is far more ambitious than anything your classmates have attempted. Mr. Chronos explored time as a pentagonal function, for example, and what it would mean if five realities alternated cyclically. There was Ms. Hera, who theorized on useful properties of the event horizon. We’ve seen quite a few students toy with the rules of existing dimensions, too. Continue reading


“Write 50 words on how you think the world will end. Do not repeat words.”

If you ask me how I think the world ends, my answer is: not by fire and flame, nor chaos or destruction. No, life will cease with silence – the deafening echo of absence, a most harrowing, empty sound, that marks our eternal unconsciousness.