#The52Project (10) – “Write about Earth being God’s science fair project, and the results of it being judged.”

Mr. Goddius,

This panel feels that there is incredible promise in your work, which is far more ambitious than anything your classmates have attempted. Mr. Chronos explored time as a pentagonal function, for example, and what it would mean if five realities alternated cyclically. There was Ms. Hera, who theorized on useful properties of the event horizon. We’ve seen quite a few students toy with the rules of existing dimensions, too.

You, however, have gone above and beyond any of those in concept, by letting a species guided by free will roam free within this spheroid terrarium. Given the nearly infinite and unpredictable ways in which this could have unfolded, you have impressed us with the riskiness of the design, which for the most part, is well formulated. The species you cultivated — humans, you called them? — were largely self sustaining after your initial push, taking to the oxygenated environment nearly immediately. Both the composition of the atmosphere and the the eventual climate you settled on were very smart calibrations on your part, Mr. Goddius, ones that allowed for a surprising diversity of life to develop alongside your original experimental specimens. Commendable.

Judging from how tired you were at the presentation, we are also impressed at the amount of effort that went into this project. Well, you have certainly earned your rest.

Smart too, was your decision not to interfere, either. It would have been easy to tinker with the experiment during its occurrence, especially with the kinds of powers available to you as a young deity. Yes, we are referring here to the Zortek-F incident, Mr. Goddius, and no, we haven’t forgotten.

True, most of your work here was spent on finding the correct combination of elements that would make survival possible, but the success here shows in the complete hands off-nature you take toward their actual development — that is to say, the fascinating independence they are left to after that moment of creation.

We particularly enjoyed observing the timelapse footage of their evolution, which resulted in some rather surprising, if not crude developments. At the 50000 year mark, there were still some remarkably primitive qualities to them — principally, an over-reliance carbon-emitting technologies, and a startling amount of tribal dysfunction, sometimes with progress being intentionally held back for only petty, personal reasons. Your species did not, for example, overcome such basic things as disease, even after over nearly 50000 years of modern existence, and it could be argued that certain areas of experiment never actually were able to participate in the free will aspect.

Even with premise of the experiment being as fascinating as it was, we felt that this last part was a crucial misstep, the kind of thing that could have been taken care of with better alterations to their initial programming. Eliminating their genetic tendency to trend toward self-segregate and their immense capacity for selfishness would have been a start. The panel believes that these alterations would have resulted in more fruitful results in regard to what truly free will — for lack of a better term — is capable of.

We interpret being free to mean two things — to be left unguided, capable of exercising any and every whim. That part, as we mentioned, you have accomplished. However, freedom also means freedom from binding restrictions, as well, and it could be argued that with some of the conditions you set on these humans, they were never truly free in the first place, as they are driven first by internal motive, rather than truly left to pursue as they will.

The panel has heard your complaints about this randomness and variation being the point of the experiment, but we feel that we cannot award you any higher than a B-. 


Your participation ribbon will be in the mail in 6-8 weeks.


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