If Cal football had a WWE-style promo package…

Last week, while I was sitting and waiting for a flight home from Boston, this video popped up on my timeline, courtesy of I believe it was @EDSBS:

And so this got me thinking — despite the tremendous respect I have for Cal Athletics and their efforts (believe me, I understand it’s not an easy job by any means), our own promos have largely lacked the same kind of punch, or drama.

So, this is a very WWE-influenced idea I pitched on Twitter last week, but wanted to go and put down in full, just for fun.

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#The52Project (11) – “Write an allegory for the entropic nature of the universe, using an unhappily married couple.”

There must have been something that existed before “I do.”

After all, deep in your brain, underneath that outer layer of spongy grey matter, there are remnants of a time before holy matrimony. Your birth certificate says so too, telling the story of how you grew up in rural Vermont, born the child of a wheat farmer and a mailwoman, the plot still visible whenever you look in the mirror. That chipped front tooth that still shyly stares out at people when you smile was hard earned, courtesy of a hard collision with the Hendersons’ farmhouse.  
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