#The52Project (13) – “Write a nature documentary about the locations of Internet hell.”

The Internet.

A lightning fast gateway to untold wonder, this invention has undoubtedly and fundamentally changed our existence for the better — so much so, that in recent years, there has been talk of granting it as a basic human right, a modern creation akin to voting, or freedom of speech.

And yet, the world wide web is not without a darker side, either. For all the possibility it allows into existence, there lurks an equally large population working to bring ruin and inconvenience. Some, purposefully. Others, simply out of ignorance.

We plan to examine them all over the next hour, so come join us, viewer, as we take a journey into how the other half lives…in The Seven Locations Of Internet Hell.    Continue reading


#The52Project (12) – “Write a story about your guardian angel appearing to tell you about your protection.”

“Hello, Nam.”

I live alone, so the voice, melodic, and full of confidence, surprises me as I enter the apartment, home from another long day spent on campus. That would usually mean trouble. And yet, even as an unexpected stranger has announced himself to be in my place of residence, something about the words — maybe the tone of it all, probably my own idiocy — disarms me, sedating the genetically hard-wired instinct to either fight or flee.

Okay, fine. At 5’5, and 145 pounds, in my case, it’s mostly flee.

Okay, fine. Always flee.
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Some Thoughts on the Niners 2014 Draft Class

They always say judge a draft class three years later, and for good reason. As easy as it is to get excited about all the new players arriving, the truth is that this is just the beginning for them — what lies ahead is even more hard work, adjustment, and maturation, all of which are necessary if they are to make the final 53 man roster, let alone pan out as prospects. Continue reading