#The52Project (14) – “Write a letter to your soulmate, but it’s ten years before you meet them.”


We don’t know each other yet…and in fact, we won’t know each other for a long time, even after you get this letter. It’ll be another ten years from now before we meet, ten years before you discover the embarrassing fact that even at age 32, I still sometimes watch wrestling, and ten years before you even hear my name said out loud. [You’ll probably mispronounce mine. That’s okay, most people do.]

I don’t have the slightest clue where that meeting will be yet — I couldn’t tell you if it’ll happen in when I’m wandering through my new life in Los Angeles, or back home in San Francisco, or at some other, as of yet unimaginable location far from my list of places lived. Maybe during one of those trips that Sebastian is always harassing me to go on and I will finally consent to.

To tell you the truth, when that day comes, it’ll already be at the wrong time, because I was hoping to be married and with kids years long before then. With that goal clearly not met, you will almost certainly find me surly, shy, and distant at first, somewhat guarded and skeptical that I’ll ever find the right person.

Just be patient with me. Being a bit of a slow learner, it’ll take me a while before I learn the far more important lesson: that you are that right person.

I like to tell people I’m an open book — and I’ll probably tell you the same — but you’ll be the only one who gets to scribble in the margins, the only one who gets to read all the chapters whenever they like, and the only one who co-authors the plot going forward.

And though I definitely won’t realize it right away, you will still be that right person, even if — sorry, especially because — you don’t check off all of the “boxes” or qualities I think I’m looking for. [Expecting you to be able to love football enough to diagram plays off All-22 tape might be a bit much as it is.] After all, with me being the over-sensitive, bumbling idiot that I am, and ups and downs inevitable between even the best of soulmates, our lives will pretty much never resemble a perfect fairy tale. Why should you have to?

Besides, adventures are better anyway.


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