A brief history of the Nam Le Curse

This post is dedicated to tracking all the wrong predictions I have made this year, which is now at hilariously sad levels. No, I’m not sure why I suddenly don’t know anything now, and I’ll be periodically updating this post as we go along.

1/1/2014 –

Nothing else needed.

1/4/2014 –
Other unlucky victims to start 2014: Alabama, Ohio State, Baylor. (Oklahoma State didn’t make the BCS, but I picked them too, and they…you guessed it, lost.)

1/4/2014 –

I decide to make some selections for the NFL playoffs, and fare no better. At this point, followers are beginning to notice the trend.

1/13/2014 –

Inspired by Breaking Madden, I chose not to count out Touchdown Tom. Thanks a lot, Jon Bois.

1/15/2014 –


2/19/2014 –

Thought Cal basketball might continue winning after I attended the Arizona victory. They did not.

2/20/2014 –

Two minutes after this, the US Women’s Hockey team fell victim.

3/18/2014 –

Coming off of years of success in the March Madness brackets — I finished 99th percentile a few years back and regularly hit 80+ — only Florida survived. Georges Niang broke his damn foot.

Final four, I have: Iowa State, Louisville, Florida, SDSU (I may have just accidentally put the Nam Le curse on them sorry @HunterHewitt) — Nam Le (@AGuyNamedNam) March 18, 2014

6/22/2014 –
Portugal scored not more than 4 minutes after this.

7/11/2014 –

This happened an hour before the article about Cleveland came out. Welp.

7/13/2014 –

At least I knew what I was getting into this time.

7/29/2014 –

UCLA’s campus floods due to a busted pipe main, damaging Pauley Pavilion and shutting down a good portion of it overall. Twitter is quick to attribute the damage to my committing back in April.

9/24/2014 –

Sorry, Dodgers. Actually, no. Not sorry.


10/1/2014 –

I honestly believed that the Giants would not win their playoff game against the Pirates without Pagan. Pittsburgh suffered for my beliefs. I also don’t have the tweet handy, but rooted for Seattle to make it to the playoffs in Game 162, and they did not — they were immediately eliminated by an Oakland victory.


My followers are now well-versed in how this operates, seeing as I am immediately berated for mentioning Ryan Vogelsong’s no-hitter. The subsequent Bryce Harper home run is also blamed on me…although the Giants still manage to pull off the 3-2 win.




They didn’t, and the Giants took a 2-1 series lead on a walkoff bunt.


This came about 35 seconds before the Tigers fumbled a snap, and then the game.

Not to be outdone, the Nam Le Curse would then take LSU, too, later in the afternoon.


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