22 for 22 – A Ranking of The Movies I Saw in 2013

I saw 22 movies in theaters this year, which somehow matched up with my age, so this is 22 for 22, a power rankings list of what I saw, how much I liked them, and to some degree, a comparison of their respective qualities. Continue reading

On: Man of Steel

This post is going to touch some different things, but I think it’s all related. If you just want what I think about the movie itself, skip the first couple paragraphs and start reading at the bottom. I’ll also preface what follows by admitting I’m not a heavy comic book reader, but that I think I have a decent grasp on the characters/culture.

Again, this is opinion. I do not claim to be an expert, nor do I want to position myself as one on this topic. This is just what I think.

With the recent slew of super-powered silver screeners, it is fairly easy to overlook and forget about Clark Kent, the man who originated many of the abilities standard to other heroes now. Let’s put it this way – if the DC and Marvel universes were crammed into an ice cream shop, Superman would probably be vanilla; iconic, but safe and familiar.

Now, to restate that more clearly – and without the aid of a convoluted analogy – Superman has, I think, an image problem. Despite a character ripe with storytelling potential, the mental impression I have of him is anything but – throughout my childhood, Superman has traditionally been depicted as overpowered and untouchable, to the point of near-blandness. Though I have personal reasons for Kal-El being my favorite superhero, I can imagine that many people prefer, say, Batman, or Spidey, precisely because of what I just pointed out. It’s hard to identify to and relate with a nigh-invulnerable alien immigrant, whose main weakness is a glowing green rock. [And magic, too, but less people know about that one.] Continue reading

Why I Won’t Be Buying an Xbox One

For the last 10 years, the 360 and its predecessor have been mainstays in my living room – they’ve been my gateways into virtual universes, full of aliens, demons, and a whole host of other creatures I’ve slayed. Many of my fondest gaming accomplishments have come in front of a Microsoft gaming console – shout out to Rock Band’s Endless Setlist – and many an hour lost to them. Retry after retry on Ninja Gaiden, co-op treks through Gears of War, Dynasty mode in NCAA…shit, I still remember how my dad gave my brother and I our original Xbox – he hid pieces of it in our beds for us to find later. Continue reading

On: Fast Six

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a Fast and Furious movie, I will use the beginning of this article to remind you again – don’t come to the series expecting cohesive plots, well acted roles, well-crafted dialogue, or anything of that nature. Being a member of the action film genre, F&F has rarely, if ever, been about that, and watching Fast Six – the latest in the series – with any of these things in mind will pretty much guarantee your disappointment.

Got that yet? Good. Continue reading