The Story of the 2015 California Phoenix: Chapter Ten – A Dream Deferred

The No. 4 California Phoenix have been a curious case.

Despite improving to 9-0 on the season, they have often brought with themselves themselves an odd air of confident vulnerability. Yes, those are strange words to conflate — especially for a sports team — but they are the only way to truly understand Walter White’s upstarts this year. Continue reading


The Story of the 2015 California Phoenix – Chapters Seven, Eight, and Nine: The Great Escapes

Chapter Seven: Utah

Despite its small size, Rice Eccles Stadium is never an easy place to play, thanks to its legion of screaming fans and their pride for forcing false starts. The Phoenix would find that out the hard way in week seven, escaping with their undefeated season by the barest of margins. Continue reading

The Story of the 2015 California Phoenix: Chapters Two and Three – A Ranked Rivalry Game

I apparently lost the data for game two, which was a big, blowout win over Eastern Michigan. My apologies. The Phoenix won. Get over it.

Life at California is decidedly different, now that the Phoenix (2-0, No. 16 AP) have risen into the top 25 for the first time.

Don’t expect them to admit that, though. Continue reading